Monthly Archives: December 2012

To Retail Investors 2008 Seems Like Yesterday: Expert

Kevin Mahn, president and CIO at Hennion and Walsh Associates, told CNBC, “I think the trading pattern is very consistent with the divergence we have seen between mainstream America and Wall Street those big institutional investors.” Click here to view ... Read More

Stocks End Lower, Led by Techs; Apple Falls 4% for Week

“There will be some sort of compromise by year-end and while that’s mostly priced into the market, we may see a relief rally,” said Kevin Mahn, president and CIO of Hennion & Walsh. “Investors need to look beyond the [talks ... Read More

Podcast –> This open-book Fed is not a good read

Many of Kevin Mahn’s 2012 predictions – about the fiscal cliff, European recession, high commodity prices – came true, but it didn’t turn out too badly for Wall Street. Plus, the Hennion & Walsh Asset Management president thinks the Fed ... Read More

Municipal Bond Volume in May Outweighs Year-Ago Issuance

The bump in issuance shouldn’t pose a problem to the market, according to Bill Walsh, president of Hennion & Walsh, a wealth manager and muni specialist based in New Jersey. “Overall, with supply and demand, we’ll be able to absorb ... Read More