Monthly Archives: February 2013

Advisor Perspectives: 5 Top Investment Themes For 2013

While I am optimistic about the prospects for continued growth in the U.S. economy (albeit sub-standard growth from a historical perspective) and for the stock market overall for 2013, I remain concerned that many of the same headline risks that ... Read More

Podcast –> Don’t heed S&P’s siren call

Investors who dropped out during the financial crisis now want in after seeing the S&P 500 rise 16% last year, and 6% last month. But Kevin Mahn of Hennion & Walsh Asset Management worries they’ll get burned again if they ... Read More

Gold Prices Turn Negative (Update 1)

“Clearly we know that the PIGS countries are called the pigs for a reason — that being that there’s too much debt on their respective balance sheets and that they’ve over-levered themselves,” said Kevin Mahn, president of Hennion & Walsh ... Read More

Where is Gold Heading in 2013?

There are several factors influencing gold prices this upcoming year. Hennion & Walsh Asset Management president Kevin Mahn joins Markets Hub.Click here to view the video at ... Read More