Monthly Archives: April 2016

Market Leadership Shifts Ahead of April Fed Meeting

After outpacing domestic* and emerging markets* last week, international developed equities* posted their second consecutive week of gains and are now up 0.44% for 2016. The 1.3% gain in the MSCI EAFE Index, which is used to help measure the performance of international developed markets, was stronger than the 0.5% gain in U.S. Stocks and the -0.14% loss in emerging markets for the week, making this the second consecutive week of international developed market outperformance. ... Read More

Value Stocks Continue to Lead

Stocks around the world rebounded last week led again by emerging markets* which gained 3.7% over the five day trading session. Developed international markets* outpaced U.S. equities with a gain of 3.6% versus the 1.7% increase witnessed in the S&P 500 Index. ... Read More

Kick Off to Earnings Season

U.S. stocks* reversed trend last week, falling 1.2% as investors took profits and “batten down the hatches” ahead of Q1 earnings season. International stocks posted mixed results with developed markets* advancing 0.7% and emerging markets* falling 1.1% ... Read More

Markets Finish a Volatile Q1 Slightly Higher

The first quarter of 2016 came to a close last Thursday leaving in its wake three months of volatility in U.S. stocks* that concluded with a 6.8% gain in March. For the year, the S&P 500 Index finished Q1 up 1.8%, a far cry from the 10% tumble the benchmark took from the start of the year to February 11 when stocks bottomed ... Read More