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Voices: Kevin Mahn, On Why I Broke Away

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL There are 110 employees at the firm — compared to 17,000 at Lehman Brothers — and I have a personal relationship with most of them. I’ve been to their weddings, their kid’s birthday parties, and their ... Read More

The Chase for Spring Paper Is On

Bill Walsh, president of Hennion & Walsh in Parsippany, N.J., said mom and pop investors should be ready, willing and able to spend their redemption proceeds in the tax-exempt market — especially since they have had some time to adjust ... Read More

Experts Warn Of Alternative Investment Ad Blitz

Kevin Mahn, president and CIO of Hennion & Walsh Asset Management, said his firm accesses alternative strategies through ETFs and ETNs because they’re reported to be tax efficient, transparent, liquid and low cost. It also uses closed-end funds a lot ... Read More

Live from FRA: The ‘L’ Word

Kevin Mahn, president and chief investment officer at Hennion & Walsh Asset Management, said he sticks to mutual funds and ETFs because clients want to have access to their money. Since 2008, the retail investor has become anti-illiquid, he said ... Read More

Dow Falls for Sixth Straight Session

“I think the dark cloud of a potential European demise is still hanging over the markets and likely will for the balance of the year until U.S. elections dominate the headlines,” said Kevin Mahn, president of Hennion & Walsh Asset ... Read More

Muni Bonds Thrive

“Many people were making claims that in 2011 there would be billions of dollars of defaults in the municipal market and that the world was going to end,” Bill Walsh, chief executive of the wealth management firm Hennion & Walsh, ... Read More

Stocks Start May on Positive Note

“The institutional players are very bullish about the market and retail investors are a little sheepish,” says Kevin Mahn, chief investment officer of Hennion & Walsh Asset Management. “I think it comes down to data points. We’ll see what the ... Read More