Kevin Mahn Discusses Alphabet, AI and How to Trade.

Hennion & Walsh Asset Management Chief Investment Officer Kevin Mahn discusses how MSFT’s Azure A.I. provides a portfolio of artificial intelligence services designed for developers and data scientists. He talks about how MSFT’s reports earnings Tuesday, postmarket. MSFT’s 4Q adjusted EPS is estimated at $2.54 and revenue is estimated at $55.36B. He then goes over Alphabet (GOOGL) which should continue to benefit from the role they play within the e-commerce ecosystem. He mentions that its likely to continue to enhance and optimize its A.I.-oriented search engine processes.

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Disclosure: Hennion & Walsh Asset Management currently has allocations within its managed money program, and Hennion & Walsh currently has allocations within certain SmartTrust® Unit Investment Trusts (UITs), consistent with several of the investment areas discussed during this interview.