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Fed Now Likely to Hike Rates in March

U.S. Large cap stocks once again saw a week of gains with the S&P 500 Index adding 0.7% to take its year-to-date return up to 6.9%. On the Mid and Small cap front, the Russell Midcap Index gained 0.2% while the Russell 2000 Index fished the week flat. ... Read More

Inflation Heats up and Stocks Gain

Domestic stocks posted another week of gains while inflation data came in hotter than anticipated and Janet Yellen delivered her semi-annual testimony before congress. The S&P 500 Index gained 1.6% while the Russell Midcap and Russell 2000 each gained 0.8%. ... Read More

Fluctuations Foreshadow a Likely Volatile Fourth Quarter

Stocks and bonds moved in sync last week, falling in value nearly across the board with the exception of the Utility, Real Estate and Telecom sectors of the stock market and the High Yield sector of the U.S. bond market. ... Read More

The Fed Leaves Rates Unchanged AGAIN and Stocks Bump Higher

The widely anticipated Federal Reserve (“Fed”) meeting ended last Wednesday with the non-earth shattering news that rates would be left unchanged again by the Fed. Stocks rallied around the world in response, which was somewhat surprising given that the probability for a rate hike was quite low. ... Read More

Volatility Continues as Stocks Register Minor Gains

Day-to-day volatility continued last week with the S&P 500 Index gaining or losing more than 1.0% on three of five trading days. Investors had a wide variety of economic data to digest including an inflation measure, Industrial Production, and Retail Sales while also considering comments from Federal Reserve Bank Presidents and Governors in advance of this week’s much anticipated Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting. ... Read More

Yellen’s Remarks Spark a Hawkish Tone

Stocks broke their winning streak last week with the S&P 500 Index losing 0.7%, in balanced albeit light sell off that saw growth stocks losing 0.7% and value stocks losing 0.6%. Small Cap U.S. stocks actually posted marginal gains of 0.1% last week and are now up 10% for the year, essentially on par with their domestic Mid-cap counterparts which have appreciated 9.9% while outpacing U.S. Large cap stocks which are up 7.7% for 2016. ... Read More

Markets Remain Remarkably Quiet…for Now

Record low levels of volatility persisted into yet another week with U.S. and emerging markets finishing essentially flat and developed international markets posting a slight drop of 0.6%. The performance of the U.S. market was driven by gains in value stocks of 0.4% being partially offset by losses in growth stocks of 0.2%, as measured by the Russell 1000 Value and Growth Indexes respectively. ... Read More

Stocks Little Changed on Brexit and Fed Uncertainty

U.S. Stocks had a mixed week with the S&P 500 Index losing 0.11% and the Dow Jones Industrial Average gaining 0.35%. On the international front, developed markets continue to lag their emerging market counterparts with the MSCI EAFE Index losing 1.72% and the MSCI Emerging Market Index gaining 1.05%. ... Read More

Flat Week of Returns Capped by Jobs Disappointment

U.S. stocks finished nearly flat last week with the S&P 500 Index gaining 0.04% and the Dow Jones Industrial Average losing 0.30%. On the international front, Developed Markets gained slightly, when measured in U.S. Dollars, with the MSCI EAFE Index increasing 0.19% ... Read More

The Fed Turns Dovish

After tumbling the first two months of the year, U.S. stocks* posted their fifth consecutive weekly gain and have found themselves in positive territory for the first time in 2016. The S&P 500 Index has now gained 6.21% during the month of March after falling nearly 4.96% in January and another 0.13% in February. ... Read More

CRE Market Books in Near-term Rate Hike

Commercial real estate executives, who have already booked in what’s widely expected to be a 25-basis point interest rate hike this year, are now trying to figure out what future rate increases will look like after the most recent Federal ... Read More