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A Bumpy Start and Quiet End to the Summer of 2016

U.S. Stocks churned last week again trading minor daily gains with losses but ultimately finished the week higher by 0.6% following a weaker than expected Employment Report that prompted some to believe a September rate hike is now off the table. International stocks posted mixed results with the MSCI EAFE Index, which measures international developed markets, gaining 0.5% while the MSCI EM Index, which measures international emerging markets, fell 0.1%. ... Read More

Markets Remain Remarkably Quiet…for Now

Record low levels of volatility persisted into yet another week with U.S. and emerging markets finishing essentially flat and developed international markets posting a slight drop of 0.6%. The performance of the U.S. market was driven by gains in value stocks of 0.4% being partially offset by losses in growth stocks of 0.2%, as measured by the Russell 1000 Value and Growth Indexes respectively. ... Read More

Stock Market Gains Continue as Interest Rates Stay at Historic Lows

Stocks in the U.S. posted another week of strong gains and international developed markets joined in on the fun as Brexit fears continue to subside and strong global economic reports point to relatively stable economies throughout much of the world. ... Read More

Investors Continue to Crave Income Producing Investments in Low Rate Environment

Stocks posted a second consecutive week of losses in the five day trading period that ended Friday. U.S. Stocks* lost 0.3%, International developed equities* lost nearly 3% and Emerging Markets* fell 4.1%. For the year, emerging markets continue to be the strongest geographical group with a gain of nearly 2% for the year, followed by U.S. stocks which are up 1.4% ... Read More

A Challenging Year of Soft Returns and Great Uncertainty

2015 will likely be known as a year of soft, if not downright weak, returns in asset classes across the board. With one holiday shortened week of trading left, domestic and international stocks, bonds, commodities and REITs have all registered returns ranging from almost negative 30% to positive, low single digits. ... Read More

The Pros and Cons of Buying Unit Investment Trusts

What are UITs and what are the pluses and minuses? Unit investment trusts, or UITs, are a kind of investment fund that’s a cross between an actively managed fund and a set portfolio of investments. Investors buy units of a ... Read More