SmartTrust® UITs Launches new Healthcare Innovations Trust focused on Biotech

PARSIPPANY, N.J., May 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Hennion & Walsh unveiled a new strategic partnership between its SmartTrust® Unit Investment Trust (UIT) business and S-Network Global Indexes, a licensed index provider to SmartTrust® and publisher and developer of proprietary and custom indexes, in relation to the launch of the SmartTrust®, Healthcare Innovations Trust.

“We could not be more excited to deliver a unique portfolio solution for investors interested in harnessing the potential of the many healthcare innovations that continue to take place across our country,” said Kevin Mahn, Chief Investment Officer of SmartTrust®.

In addition to innovation, demographics such as an increase in life expectancies, an aging population and an overall increase in the rate of chronic illnesses globally are driving overall demand for new healthcare solutions.

The Trust itself seeks to pursue its objective by investing in a portfolio consisting of equity securities comprising the Poliwogg Healthcare Innovation Index (PHIX). Poliwogg is a financial services company whose mission is to create innovative financial products that give both institutional and retail investors the widest possible opportunity to invest in the most dynamic sectors and subsectors of the life sciences, such as medical innovations and breakthroughs.

The underlying index of the Trust is designed to help isolate predominantly biotech companies that are potential takeover targets. Index inclusion criteria include, but are not limited to, companies with:

• At least one drug in phase II or III clinical trial
• Expected catalyst event date within 24 months
• Drug designation of breakthrough, fast track, or orphan

“We’re proud to partner with S-Network and leverage the extensive experience of Poliwogg to focus more on innovation and biotechnology (biotech) than big pharmaceutical companies with this new UIT strategy,” said Richard Hennion, Partner, Hennion & Walsh.

SmartTrust® UITs offer diversified income and total return opportunities through innovative investment strategies. Assets grew by 28 percent in 2015 while the number of Trusts outstanding grew by 24 percent over the same period. For more information about Hennion & Walsh’s SmartTrust® UIT products, please contact the firm’s Internal Support Desk at 888-505-2872, or visit

About Hennion & Walsh
Hennion & Walsh, a full service brokerage firm specializing in municipal bonds, was founded in 1990 by Richard Hennion and Bill Walsh. Their mission is to be individual investors’ fiercest and most passionate advocate. Investment guides, webinars, seminars and online content are just some of the ways they help investors become better informed and make better investment decisions. The firm has built its reputation on developing strong, mutually beneficial relationships designed to last a lifetime, serving over 16,000 clients with brokerage accounts and managed portfolios. They are committed to providing individual investors with the institutional-quality service and guidance they believe they are entitled to. Additional information on Hennion & Walsh is available at Hennion & Walsh is a member of FINRA and SIPC.

About S-Network Global Indexes, Inc.

S-Network Global Indexes, Inc. (SNGI) is a publisher and developer of proprietary and custom indexes. Founded in 2005, SNGI publishes over 200 indexes, which provide the foundations for ETFs and other financial products with approximately $4 billion in assets under management. Key clients in this capacity include some of the world’s leading providers of ETFs, UITs, Structured Products and SMAs. The principals of SNGI maintain a wealth of indexing experience, having arbitraged, traded, managed, developed and maintained indexes either as employees of or consultants to some of the world’s leading financial institutions, including Deutsche Borse AG, State Street Bank & Trust, Deutsche Bank AG, the New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange and Barclays Global Investors (now BlackRock), among others. SNGI also provides FINRA- and IOSCO-compliant customized solutions to Registered Investment Advisors.

About Poliwogg

Poliwogg is a financial services company whose mission is to create innovative financial products that give both institutional and retail investors the widest possible opportunity to invest in the most dynamic sectors and subsectors of the life sciences – medical innovations and breakthroughs. Poliwogg products enable investment in medical innovation categorized in a number of different ways: by risk, by sector/subsector, and by individual opportunity. These groupings empower investors to invest directly in their own areas of interest. Poliwogg’s management team has extensive experience in finance and investment, healthcare, foundations, and government. It combines that expertise with a passion for increasing and broadening investment in healthcare. Greg Simon, the CEO of Poliwogg, has held senior positions in both houses of Congress and the White House, been a senior strategy consultant to a number of international technology CEOs, led a national patient advocacy nonprofit, and has served as a senior executive at a major pharmaceutical corporation. He has developed a reputation as a visionary strategist, dynamic public speaker and writer, and as a knowledgeable analyst of emerging trends in healthcare, information technology, drug research and development, and patient advocacy.

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